June 2021

Our future

Our future.

The Manta Resort Relaunch – 1st June 2021

Together, we have made the decision to close The Manta Resort until the 1st June 2021.

As we all begin to come to terms with how this unprecedented global event has affected us, we too find ourselves reflecting on a new tomorrow. A future embracing who we are and importantly why we do what we do on Pemba Island.


We, the Manta family, will not simply return to normal, we will not remain shackled by the old but rather invite the new. We will celebrate all the good reasons we do what we do. We love the beauty and complexity of nature, we love the strength of community, we love what the future of Pemba Island can be, and we love sharing it with you.


We will over the next 12 months turn Manta into an even more beautiful and special piece of paradise and relaunch/reopen 1st of June 2021 on only our most important values and in doing so will welcome you to share a relevant, real and purposeful experience at an exquisitely natural and remote place that we call home.


Tanzania is not in lock-down, but we want to plan this carefully over the next 12 months, implementing the most responsible protocols and procedures to reassure our guests of the best possible environment in which to relax and enjoy their stay with us.

We will continue to focus on everything our guests love about Manta. Our spacious property allowing privacy with service provided by our dedicated service fundis (private service expert). Our conservation work through community development and the simple, real way we share our world on Pemba.

With over 80 Manta family members, each one with up to 8 dependents on Pemba, we’re a big family. Looking after the Manta family and the community continues to be our priority. We have become serious farmers in an effort to create food security in our area with water systems installed to supply water during the dry period.  We will also continue working on resilience programs over the coming months to build awareness in the communities around us. We will continue rebuilding Manta to even higher standards. We will continue our conservation work in the Kwanini Marine Conservation Area supporting biodiversity and reef health. We will all stick together as the family we are.

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Manta Resort next year.

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Kwanini foundation is an initiative to make a positive contribution to the future of Pemba Island by working alongside the local communities to help them understand and conserve the natural world on which they depend.

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