Pemba Coral Reef Safari​

A first-of-its-kind scuba diving and marine wildlife experience​

An immersive journey through the Pemba Coral Reef ecosystem​

The Pemba Coral Reef Safari is conducted by a dive instructor who has successfully completed a pioneering specialist guide course in which we’ve specially adapted professional safari guiding practices for the underwater environment.

Each safari accommodates a maximum of two divers at a time, allowing for a more comprehensive guided experience, and the smaller group size gives divers the ability to approach and observe marine wildlife more successfully.

The program begins with an in-depth introduction to the fascinating marine wildlife that calls this ecosystem home. Once in the water, using the latest underwater communication equipment, your guide will lead you on an interpretive journey of every sight and sound, and after the dive, a comprehensive review of the wildlife and behaviours you encountered.

Embark on a journey like never before where professional wildlife guiding, modern technology and the underwater world converge, revealing a deeper understanding and more profound appreciation for the extraordinary biodiversity that thrives beneath the surface.

A Unique Collaboration

Manta Pemba Island and BlueWild EcoVentures, the eco-tourism division of Blue finance, are partners in supporting the Kwanini Foundation, a local non-profit working to make positive social and environmental contributions to the future of Pemba Island through local communities.

Pioneering Guiding Techniques​

To create the Pemba Coral Reef Safari, we partnered with Ecotraining, one of Africa’s foremost guide training organisations, to develop a first-of-its-kind 28-day guide training course specifically adapted for the marine environment and scuba diving.

Unlike conventional Scuba instruction, this training has instilled our guides with specialist techniques for underwater guiding, and the identification and interpretation of the marine wildlife in and alongside the coral reefs of Pemba.

Our guides are equipped with the latest full-face masks with built-in microphones to provide real- time underwater commentary. As a diver, you will wear specially designed earpieces, immersing you in an educational narrative about the marine world.

Diving for Impact​

Booking a Pemba Coral Reef Safari offers an opportunity to experience scuba diving in a whole new light, while also making a significant difference to marine protection and local community development.

$35 from every Pemba Coral Reef Safari booked goes directly to the Kwanini Foundation.

Developing Local Skills​

In line with our community upliftment objectives, we have enrolled the local dive team from Manta Pemba Island and trained them to deliver the Pemba Coral Reef Safari, ensuring that the benefits of this initiative extend to local skills development.


$115 per person per safari Includes

$35 Conservation Contribution to the Kwanini Foundation

Tanks & Weights Excludes

Scuba equipment rental

kwanini foundation logo

Kwanini Foundation is an initiative to make a positive contribution to the future of Pemba Island by working alongside the local communities to help them understand and conserve the natural world on which they depend.

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