Snorkeling for conservation​

Every morning before breakfast​

Every morning before breakfast​

Our house reef, directly in front of the resort, lies within The Kwanini Conservation Area. Hundreds of species of marine life and crystal clear tropical waters make this a must for all nature lovers. Our boat captain and snorkel guides will accompany you and spot all our usual reef inhabitants, and all before breakfast. Best time of the day.
All revenues are donated to the local Marine Conservation Area Committee and rangers. Further donations are very welcome and appreciated. Our conservation boxes can be found at the diving centre and main lounge area.

$20 per person.

Snorkeling trip​

Experience the vast numbers of marine life and reefs through the clear blue waters of Pemba Island in our chosen snorkeling spots. You will be taken out with a guide and shown the colourful, vibrant life, lying just under the surface.

Near Reef $30 per person. Far Reef $60 per person.​

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Kwanini Foundation is an initiative to make a positive contribution to the future of Pemba Island by working alongside the local communities to help them understand and conserve the natural world on which they depend.

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